About Website

Code, Design & Coffee is my home on the internet, a place where I write about programming, Apple platforms, design, developer productivity, photography, and seldom training for triathlons. Sometimes I find myself thinking about education systems, making music and tinkering with electronics. 

There are a couple of sections to this website so that it is not a complete mess. The Foundry is developer journal of an app I’m working on; most of the programming and design articles are there. Almanac is an approximate mirror of my brain with ideas and information that is a bit structured or too long for the Twitter. You can also see what projects (soon) I do professionally, and how I spend my time when I relax while walking in Tokyo or Tbilisi and taking Photos.


Best way to follow me, the person, is Twitter — @totocaster. I do post links to this website when I publish something interesting.

Comments & Feedback

There are no comments on this website. In case you want to send feedback, I encourage you to write response blog post and send me a link to it via Twitter. Single tweets are also welcome.



I’m Tornike Tvalavadze.

Got your tongue twisted? You can call me Toto. Everybody does. Tornike is for bills and passport.

I’m independent iOS engineer and designer living 7800 kilometers (4800 miles) away from my birthplace — Tbilisi. Tokyo is the city I currently call home. That might change, but I’m happy how things are for now.

I work with multiple Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, and Australian startups as well as some big-name brands. Before that, I co-founded and ran a software consulting company in Georgia called Sixty Three Bits for five years.