Setting-up New Mac (2018)

Chronological and step-by-step list of actions I took while setting up new Mac.

  1. Pre-flight checklist on fresh install.
    1. Update to latest software, Mac App Store should not have anything in Updates.
    2. Change computer name to Toto’s MBP. (Maybe start using fancy names again?)
    3. Turn on iCloud.
    4. Disable optimized storage.
  2. System Preferences
    1. Turn on FileVault.
    2. Disable Dashboard.
    3. Configure keyboard input sources to: ABC (for English), Japanese (Hiragana), Georgian (QWERTY).
    4. Set ABC on caps-lock when Japanese keyboard is on.
    5. Set ABC keys on caps-lock when Georgian keybaord is on.
    6. Set resolution to true 2×. Boo for non-integer scaling.
    7. Set correct timezone and locale.
    8. Set lock message: If found, please do the right thing. Email [redacted] or call [redacted]. This computer is encrypted and attached to iCloud account. It is valueless if lost.
    9. Setup Watch Unlock and TouchID.
  3. Set-up Accounts:
    1. iCloud should be set up already.
    2. Business ([redacted] hosted) account:
      1. Email: [redacted]
      2. Hostname: [redacted]
      3. Path Prefix: INBOX
    3. Business (alias for [redacted]) account:
      1. Email: [redacted]
      2. Everything else is same as above.
  4. Verify Messages is loading data from iCloud, if not migrate contents of: ~/Library/Messages
  5. Install 1Password.
  6. Install homebrew.
    1. /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL []("
    2. Install mas-cli: brew install mas (because Mac App Store pre-Mojave is terrible)
  7. Install Fish Shell and make it default.
    1. Set locale on UTF-8 by executing:
      1. set -Ux LC_ALL en_US.UTF-8
      2. set -Ux LANG en_US.UTF-8
  8. Migrate user fonts folder: ~/Library/Fonts
  9. Configure .dotfiles.
  10. Install TextExpander and give a another chance, it can do much more that I’m using currently.
  11. Install Alfred.
    1. Preferences sync folder: ~/Documents/Misc./Alfred Sync/
    2. Configure banking quick access:
      1. [redacted]
    3. Configure Jisho:
      1. URL:{query}
      2. Keyword: j
    4. Configure Tangorin:
      1. URL:{query}
      2. Keyword: t
    5. Configure Google Translate (ja→en):
      1. URL:{query}
      2. Keyword: gt
  12. Install Xcode.
    1. $ xcode-select --install
    2. Install Xcode beta (if there is one)
    3. Install Reveal.
    4. Configure my LLDB aliases.
    5. Install Brisk.
    6. Install Dash.
    7. Install Hex Friend.
    8. Install
    9. Install Build Time Analyzer (?).
    10. Organize code snippets using Xcode or TextExpander.
    11. Install Huston, push notification gem.
  13. Install Tower and Kaleidoscope.
    1. Make Tower’s git as system default.
    2. Configure git
      1. git config --global "Toto Tvalavadze"
      2. git config --global "[redacted]"
      3. git config --global color.ui auto
    3. Configure .gitconfig
    4. Install and configure Kaleidoscope as default diff and merge tool.
    5. Configure git-lfs.
  14. Configure certificates, ssh keys, and remote access.
    1. Make sure iCloud Keychain is synced.
    2. Move all Apple Developer Certificates from old/other computer.
    3. Make sure GitHub access is working and new computer is registered.
  15. Setup Ruby environment.
    1. $ brew install autoconf automake gdbm gmp libksba libtool libyaml openssl pkg-config readline
    2. Disable local documentation generator from .gemrc:
      1. gem: --no-ri --no-rdoc
    3. Use this installation process.
  16. Install TextMate.
  17. Install VSCode.
    1. Configure my settings.
  18. Setup Python environment.
    1. [WIP]
  19. Setup Node environment. (Not sure about that so far)
    1. [WIP]
  20. Install BackBlaze and reconfigure my account to new computer.
  21. Install thinking tools — Things, Agenda, MindNote, MonoDraw, Bear, Grammarly.
    1. Convert old Notability notes to PDF and archive somewhere.
  22. Install work tools — Skype for Business, Slack, Chrome, Viber.
  23. Consider switching to Fantastical 2.
  24. Install Bartender, your menu bar is about to get poo-pooed on.
  25. Install Setapp:
    1. TripMode, iStat Menus, Squash, CleanMyMac, Gifox, Mate Translate, World Clock Pro.
  26. Install RescueTime.
    1. Consider pomedoro timers and some other time tracking tools. Toggl maybe?
  27. Install and Configure Ghostery for Safari.
  28. Install minor useful utilities:
    1. Deliveries
    2. SuperDuper!
    3. Printopia
    4. The Unarchiver
    5. Transmit 5
    6. Garmin Express
    7. Soulver
    8. Transmission
  29. Make sure Photos is getting data from iCloud (non-optimized storage: on).
  30. Make sure iCloud Storage is transferring Documents folder and Desktop folder.
  31. Transfer non-sync folders:
    1. ~/Reference (drop in sidebar)
    2. ~/Inbox (drop in sidebar)
    3. ~/Code
    4. ~/Websites
    5. ~/Music
    6. ~/Movies
    7. ~/Downloads
    8. ~/Pictures/RAW Photos
    9. ~/Pictures/Wallpapers
    10. ~/Pictures/Zwift
    11. ~/Pictures/Lightroom
  32. Install Adobe Application Manager.
    1. Photoshop CC
    2. Lightroom Classic CC (ugh, consider Capture One 11 instead)
    3. Illustrator CC
    4. Camera Raw CC
  33. Install design utilities: Xscope, Flinto, Squash.
  34. Install boring stuff: Pages, Numbers, Keynote.
  35. Install Ableton Live 10 and audio software.
    1. Download sample packages I need.
    2. Add folders for IR responses and samples to file browser.
    3. Test Push 2 is working.
  36. Install sports apps: Zwift, Garmin Express.

All set, computer should be usable now. 👨‍💻