Composition in Photography

The complete title of the book is Composition in Photography: The Photographer as Storyteller. I’m in a phase of my photography when you want me to buy a book of your’s, just put “storyteller” in the title and wait a couple of minutes until I send money towards you.

Now the content—Unlike other books I’ve read on the subject of composition, it is not a reference manual (or imitation of such.) Thorsten is quite frank from the very first pages that the purpose of the book is to inspire and share his experiences and techniques, rather than analyze the work of photographers as a gallery curator or an art critic would. I find that most approachable and practical way to teach someone something. Think about it like working with a vastly experienced co-worker and mentor, rather than sitting in a class. I love how hands-on and laid back Thorsten’s witting style is.

Highlights & Margin Notes

Due to how the book is written I’m not going to share my highlights. Additionally, this is independently published book (as far as I know) and sharing almost one hundred highlights I made would be unfair towards the author.