Photographers A-Z

From the Goodreads book description:

A comprehensive overview of the most influential photographers of the last century and their finest monographs: Arranged alphabetically, this biographical encyclopedia features every major photographer and photographic artist of the 20th century, from the earliest representatives of classical Modernism right up to the immediate present.

I’m not sure what comprehensive overview is supposed to mean in the sentence above. This book is as dry as it gets. You’ll get two paragraphs of fact-sheet style text about each photographer and a couple of photos of monograph spreads.

I still like this book. It is an excellent way of discovering photographers and their work. Just open book in a random page and read the fact-sheet. If you like what you saw, go to the library and learn the body of work. You’ll never run out of new materials since this book thinks and features hundreds of photographers.

Highlights & Margin Notes